21/12 divided by 2

Step 1. Turn the second fraction the one you want to divide by upside down this is now a reciprocal.

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Step 2. Multiply the first fraction by that reciprocal Step 3. Simplify the fraction if needed. Now look at the pizzas below In other words "I have half a pizza, if I divide it into one-sixth slices, how many slices is that? Example: 5 is also 5 1. You can rewrite a question like "20 divided by 5" into "how many 5s in 20". So instead of dividing by a fraction, it is easier to turn that fraction upside down, then do a multiply. Turn the second fraction upside down it becomes a reciprocal : 1 6 becomes 6 1 Step 2.

Multiply the first fraction by that reciprocal : multiply tops How Many? How many in?

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Turn the second fraction upside down the reciprocal : 5 1 becomes 1 5 Step 2. Simplify the fraction: The fraction is already as simple as it can be.

Turn the second fraction upside down the reciprocal : 1 4 becomes 4 1 Step 2. Why Turn the Fraction Upside Down? Because dividing is the opposite of multiplying! Another way to remember is: "leave me, change me, turn me over".Now we have a system of two equations and two unknowns that we can solve for.

Let's solve the first equation for x in terms of y, then substitute and solve for y:. Trending News. Kinzinger: Hate mail claims 'I'm possessed by the devil'. Soccer star Messi's salary leaked. Jaws dropped. Report links Publix heiress to Trump rally before riot. Mike Pence's post-White House plans come into focus. Golfer defends himself again amid cheating allegations. Heartbreaking reason star's young son went to bed crying.

Biel pays tribute to JT on momentous birthday. Uncle Sam is watching your wins from stock surges. Actress laments lack of fashions for new moms. Impeachment fever hits Ky. Answer Save. Divide the amount of photos by the amount of parts to find the value of one part. Puzzling Lv 7. Let 7k represent the number of photos in the second group.

But we want a total of 33, so multiply everything by 3: for a total of 33 Answer: 12 photos in the first group 21 photos in the second group.

Philomel Lv 7. Pinkgreen Lv 7. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Here's how I solve these. Krishnamurthy Lv 7. Richard Lv 7. There is a few ways to solve this. If there were 11 photosyou would divide them 4 and 7. Still have questions?

Get your answers by asking now.When the word 'fraction' is used on its own then usually it is the common fraction that is meant.

And that is the sense in which it used here. A common fraction is written in the form of two whole numbers, one above the other, separated by a short horizontal line.

21/12 divided by 2

The bottom number must NOT be zero. They are also known as vulgar fractions.

21/12 divided by 2

The numerator is the top number in the fraction. N and P above The denominator is the bottom number in the fraction. In a proper fraction the numerator is smaller than the denominator.

Dividing Fractions

In an improper fraction the numerator is bigger than the denominator. A mixed number is made up of two parts: a whole number followed by a proper fraction. Equivalent fractions are two, or more, fractions which have the same value but which are different in form.

Fractions can be negative but negative entries cannot be made in this calculator. Also, to avoid getting a negative answer when doing subtraction, the first fraction on the left MUST be larger than the second fraction.

If you need the smaller number to come first : do the calculation with the larger one placed first, and then put a negative sign in front of the answer.Every few months, the Internet eats itself over some kind of viral riddle or illusion, each more infuriating than the last. So do we. Let's solve them together. Naturally, we took to Slack to hash out our differences.

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Morgan: aka Andrew Daniels, how-to editor: honestly, we could post this slack thread word for word and then get a scholar to chime in and school us. Or do they go away once you solve the mini equation inside the parens first.

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There it appeared on Twitter, like a cruel taunt: This content is imported from Twitter.Enter the improper fraction in the fields below to convert it to a mixed number.

The calculator shows all the work so you can follow along and learn the steps. You might also like our calculator to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction.

An improper fraction is a fraction with no whole number and has a larger numerator than the denominator. We can simplify these fractions to mixed numbers in a few simple steps. The first step in the conversion is to use long division to find the quotient and the remainder. These will be used in the next step. When doing long division with a fraction, the numerator will be the dividend, and the denominator will be the divisor.

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The second step is to rewrite the fraction as a mixed number using the quotient and remainder from the previous step, along with the original denominator.

To convert, set the quotient as the whole number, the remainder as the numerator, and the original denominator as the denominator. Using these values, the rewritten mixed number is: 2 1 3. You have now rewritten an improper fraction as a mixed number in two simple steps.

This method works great for converting a fraction to a mixed number, but you might also like our fraction simplifier to simplify fractions smaller than 1. Use our full suite of fraction tools to add or subtract fractions, and perform other operations. Solve for x in an equation with a fraction using our solve unknown numerator or denominator calculator. The calculator shows all of the steps so you can show your work.

21/12 divided by 2

Get hassle-free estimates from local home improvement professionals and find out how much your project will cost. Get Free Estimates. Convert a decimal value to a fraction using the decimal to fraction calculator. The calculator shows all of the work so you can see the steps.This factoring calculator helps you with computing the prime factorization for any given positive integer number. More details on prime factors you can read below.

What is integer factoring? Integer factoring or factorizing is the process of decomposition of an integer number into smaller divisors prime numberswhich when multiplied together equal the initial number.

In case you need to perform prime factorization the easiest way is by using our factoring calculator that transforms a positive integer number into a product of simpler prime factors.

Another way to find prime factors is by going through the steps presented in the next lines. If we try to divide it by 2 that is not correct as it does not divide evenly.

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The next prime number you have to consider is 3. Moreover please note that 3 is a prime number actually is the one after 2 so the prime factorization is done. The result of the decomposition process is:. So the next option we take into account is by diving it by If we try to divide it by 2 that is not the right solution as it does not divide evenly.

The next prime number you have to take into consideration is 3. If we divide it by 2 that is not correct because it does not divide evenly.

Once again the next prime number you have to take into account is 3. The result of the decomposition is:. Apart from this tool you may also be interested in our online scientific calculator.

Factoring Calculator. How to compute prime factorization? So the next option we take into account is by diving it by 3: divided by 3 equals 45 and can be stated that divided evenly.Start by dividing both the numerator and the denomiator of the fraction by the same number, and repeat this until it is impossible to divide.

Begin dividing by small numbers like 2, 3, 5, 7. For example.

Fraction Wall

To reduce a fraction to lowest terms also called its simplest formjust divide both the numerator and denominator by the GCD Greatest Common Divisor. You can do this because the value of a fraction will remain the same when both the numerator and denominator are divided by the same number.

So, it is ease see that the 'Greatest Common Factor' or 'Divisor' is 2 because it is the greatest number which divides evenly into all of them. How to reduce a fraction Among different ways simplifying a fraction, we will show the two procedure below: Method 1 - Divide by a Small Number When Possible Start by dividing both the numerator and the denomiator of the fraction by the same number, and repeat this until it is impossible to divide. Method 2 - Greatest Common Divisor To reduce a fraction to lowest terms also called its simplest formjust divide both the numerator and denominator by the GCD Greatest Common Divisor.

Explanation: Factors of 6 are 1,2,3,6; Factors of 8 are 1,2,4,8. Simplifying Fractions. Details: Details

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